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Long Arm Services

We do edge to edge quilting. We have over 450 patterns to chose from. You pick the top and bottom thread color. We will do the binding for you if you like. We charge .025 cents per square inch for quilting. For example, if your quilt is full size (81 x 96), it would be7776 square inches, take that times ..025 and it would be $194.40. Binding is $40.00 for machine binding or $65.00 for hand binding. We have batting or you can supply your own. We will not accept a blanket for batting. We will not accept a bed sheet for backing. We ask that your backing be 6 inches larger than your quilt top on all sides. Backing must be sewn together by customer if in sections. If we must square up your backing there will be a charge of $25.00. If backing is seamed the quilt finishes better if the seam is horizontal to the top edge. Just Quilts LLC is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness in seams or border while quilting. We reserve the right to decline any quilt. All quilts are finished on a first come first serve basis.

What our customers are saying

Jonny Hensley reviewed Just Quilts LLC —

5 star

April 19 ·

Just Quilts LLC did an amazing job! My quilt turned out better than I ever had expected. They even took the time to stitch little helicopters shapes in to the quilt work which is just super cool. My quilt looks beautiful and professional, but the small details of perfection are a testament to the skills of the artist that made it. This will be a treasure for generations! Thank you so much.

What our customers are saying

Tony Ishmael reviewed Just Quilts LLC —

5 star

May 10 ·

Recently I had numerous quilts finished by Just Quilts that my mother had been working on prior to her passing ... and they are working on one that my sister started back in 1975! The personal touch and professional details that Just Quilts puts into everything they do is second to none! If you have been thinking about having a quilt made or if you have one that needs a little TLC ... they are the ones that you need to contact.

What our customers are saying

Eugenia Haisley reviewed Just Quilts LLC —

​5 star

July 31 ·

I just picked up my quilt & they did a wonderful job. The quilt top was made back in the late 30's by my grandmother. She used feed sacks for the muslin, then flour sacks for the print which she sewed onto the muslin by hand. I finished the batting & back of the quilt & Debbie did the rest. The binding fabric was also from her store. She is great!

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